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Whittier Hills


Our City Council has allowed the Oil company access to the Preserve by allowing them to put their own padlock on the gate at Catalina Ave.


 "Henderson then went on to insult the residents of Whittier, stating that  he does not believe the voters of Whittier are sophisticated or intelligent enough to review the "1,000-page environmental impact report."
See letter below (October 19, 2011)
 Should Whittier Voters or City Council decide oil issue - WDN article 10/18/11
Matrix Drilling in Sycamore Canyon Poses Problems for Nearby Residences
added October 17, 2011
 City Council having a special meeting on October 17, at 9:00 A.M. so they can amend the City Carter.  Commissioner Harry Stone has been termed out for two years.  By amending the City Charter the council will be allowed to reappoint Commissioner harry Stone.  Mr. Stone will be voting on the oil project.

 The following Stories ran Tuesday July 12, 2011

 Whittier saved land from oil companies and is now looking to drill on it  
Associated Press Story
Crude Prices Force Whittier To Rethink Opposition To Oil Drilling
KNX 1070 Radio Segment

 July 8, 2011

It's Politics: Steve Helvey

email causes uproar for

 Friendly Hills Property

 Owners Association board

Read more: It's Politics: Steve Helvey email causes uproar for Friendly Hills Property Owners Association board - Whittier Daily News

 July 8, 2011

Los Angeles Superior Court

judge says she will allow

anti-oil drilling lawsuit to go


Read more: Los Angeles Superior Court judge says she will allow anti-oil drilling lawsuit to go forward - Whittier Daily News

 How Far will you be from the Oil Project?



 City of Whittier Agreed to Hills Exclusively Being Held in Perpetuity (forever) as Open Space
added  October 5, 2011

 Read information below

 Letter from Open Space Legal Defense Fund Attorney to City of Whittier - Oct. 5, 2011
CityCouncil-Suppl Comment Ltr 10-05-11-1.pdf CityCouncil-Suppl Comment Ltr 10-05-11-1.pdf
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Exhibits 1-3-1.pdf Exhibits 1-3-1.pdf
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Exhibit 4.pdf Exhibit 4.pdf
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These are Excerpts from the Puente Hills Habitat Authority's "Success Story",  interesting reading.  Look what the Politicians said then and listen to them now. 
 Bob Henderson in this Article says
the Oil Drilling was his Idea 
April 29, 2009
Mineral-Info-WallStJournal  BOB H VIEW.pdf Mineral-Info-WallStJournal BOB H VIEW.pdf
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Even Matrix's says the Oil Drilling was their idea.
Bob Henderson Gives His Matrix Oil Royalty to his Son.  Bob Henderson had that royalty while he was negotiating the Mineral Rights of the City with Matrix Oil.   
EPA Formally Request Information from Chemicals Used in Natural Gas Exploration

Proposal Raises Natural Concerns

Property Values Dro

PROPERTY VALUES DROP  0422100001.pdf PROPERTY VALUES DROP 0422100001.pdf
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Read This - Very Important

Look at page 8 on "Information on Drilling in the Hills" (top and bottom of page).  It talks about how much money in royalties the City of Whittier makes on Honolulu Terrace; it's not much. "  The City would like to see Matrix win the Whittier Hills contract, Bob Henderson said, and would not have to put it out for bid because it's not selling an asset or building a project".  


Information on Drilling in the Hills

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Directional Drilling 

DirectionalDrilling1.pdf DirectionalDrilling1.pdf
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The Puente Hills Habitat Authority Manages our Hills.  So why are they allowing the Drilling?  May be it's because Bob Henderson is the Chairman of the Puente Hills Habitat Authority.
Matrix Oil Co. Officials Propose Moving Access Road away from Homes
"We've gotten the (Puente Hills Landfill Native Habitat Preservation) to agree to move it 165 feet (away from homes), "said J.C. "Mac" McFarland, a consultant for Santa Barbara-based Matrix.
Bob Henderson is the Chairman of the Habitat Authority.  Do you   think there is a conflict?

Was Bob Henderson wheeling and dealing before the City went out to bid?  He says we did not need to go out for bid.  If he is right, then why did the City go out for bid.  March 12, 2008.

 City of Whittier FAQ pages 10 & 11

L.A. County wants a cut of the Oil Royalties 

Laguna Beach Drilling Nuisance 


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