Is Recall in the City Council's Future?

This project is not in the best interest of our Community.  Promises are being made of how much money the City will receive.  Right now the City will receive nothing.  All the money will go to Los Angeles County to finance other Rec & Park projects throughout the County.  None of that money is required to return to the City of Whittier.  We should be concerned why the Council is pushing this project so hard.  It's time that we the Citizens of Whittier have our voices heard.  That can be done through a Recall of our complete City Council.  This had been done in our neighboring City of Montebello.  We did not elect our Council to take our tax money to finance this Oil Project.  We voted to preserve the land and we are paying for that in our taxes.  Those that do not uphold the will of the people need to go.  Our Council has written a lease that allows all of our preserve land to be developed for oil  production.  Don't get complacent with the rhetoric coming from the mouths of our Council.  Let them know that Recall is in their future.



Matrix Should be Embarrassed about Video on their Website.

Matrix Oil PR company has made some very bad errors on their "What Whittier Residences are saying about the Project".  The second car dealership that is shown in the video is not in Whittier.  Its in Downey.  It was Massy Chevrolet dealership but its better known as the old Bob Spreen Cadillac (Studebaker and Florance).  Jeffery Ball Founder of Friendly Hills Bank.  Bob Henderson owns stock in his bank.  His investment is worth between $10,000.00 and $100,000.00.  That is listed on Henderson's 700 form.  They talk about all the money the City is going to make.  None of the money can go to the general fund.  Where is the documentation that backs up their claim?  How can you believe a Oil Company where a dealership from another town is used along with a spokes person who Mr. Henderson has a financial interest in his company.  Who do you believe?