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 Henderson's 400 Forms - These show where his campaign contributions came from for all of his Elections.

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 Henderson's 700 Forms - These show all the Gifts he has received while he has been in office.

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 Look at who has given Henderson money, taken him golfing and his investments.  The 700 forms show gifts that were given to Henderson.  Here is a list of the contributors.  Click here to see documents.

700 Forms - Gifts that have been given to Henderson

1.  Dick Jones - Whittier's contractor Attorney and Chairman of the Board of Cal Domestic Water.
2.  Matt Knabe son of our L.A. County Supervisor and partner of Englander and Knabe PR firm.  Harvey Englander partner of Englander, Knabe Pr firm that represented Matrix Oil.  They tried to sell our Community on the oil project.  It did not work.
3.  Don Knabe - L.A. Supervisor
4.  Consolidated Disposal - Has a contract with Whittier for picking up trash.
5.  Sempra Energy - The gas company
6.  Matrix Oil - The Oil Company the City is under contract with to drill for oil in the Whittier Hills.
7.  Cal Domestic Water - Chairman is Whittier's contractor Attorney Dick Jones.
Campaign Contributor(s)

1.  Consolidated Disposal (has trash contract with City) $1,000.00 in 2002.


Henderson has over $10,000.00 in stock in Friendly Hills Bank.  Its President is Frank Ball who is the son Virgina Ball who is also the President of First Day Coalition which receives funding from the City of Whittier.  Judy Henderson the wife of Bob Henderson sits on the board along with Owen Newcomer Whittier City Councilman.



In 1996 Bob Henderson struck a deal with MRCA (Mountain Recreation Conservation Authority) which is a part of the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy both are California State Agencies. MRCA paid Whittier 2.3 million dollars to purchase the property. MRCA then leased the property back to Whittier for zero dollars for ten years. According to the article Whittier gave a 2 million dollar loan to the YMCA and later forgave the loan.

What the article did not point out is MRCA is part of SMMC which is a California State Agency. That would mean that the money was State Taxpayers money. Read the Article and you decide. Was it State Taxpayers Money?


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