May 18, 2022

How To Best Data Recovery From External Hard Drive

When an external hard drive fails, the Data Recovery loss you are dealing with can be very damaging. This is because external hard drives are often thought of as our secure storage space. We use it as a backup drive or storage drive for photos, videos and other Data Recovery that we consider more important than our day-to-day system data. Fortunately, there are ways to recover data from an external hard drive.

The method for recover data from an external hard drive depends on the cause of the hard drive failure or data loss. Problems can be cause by the hard drive enclosure, interface, or power supply. There may also be a mechanical or logical failure on the hard drive itself. For each type of hard drive failure, there are specific steps that must be taken and precautions that must be observe.

A logical hard drive failure is when the hard drive and enclosure are functioning properly, but the data on the disk has been erase or corrupt. Cases of accidental deletion or formatting are obvious. Signs of a faulty hard drive include the system being unable to mount the disc or recognizing the disc as RAW data. Windows may also ask you to format the drive if it has become corrupt.

Data Recovery

For logical failures and data loss, your best bet is to use data recovery software. There are free and paid options available. For accidental deletion or formatting, try R-Undelete, Test-Disk, or Recuva. For damage partitions, try R-Studio, Restorer Ultimate, or Ease US Partition Recovery. It is a popular data recovery program that works for various Linkedin data loss scenarios.

Mechanical failure occurs when a component in a hard drive is damage or malfunctions. Note that this is different from enclosure, interface, or power supply failure (see next section). Signs of mechanical damage are a clicking sound, a drive that the OS cannot detect, and a drive that won’t spin up. If a drive is drop or expose to extreme heat, cold, or moisture, it could be physically damage. 

If you suspect mechanical damage to the hard disk drive components, stop using the drive, as this may cause further data loss. A professional data recovery service, such as Drive Savers, would be your best choice. Best Buy’s Geek Squad and Micro Center also offer data recovery services. This service can be very expensive.