June 26, 2022

How To Data Recovery Services From A Faulty Hard Drive?

Hard drives are used to store all kinds of files. They have evolved a lot since their creation. They perform better, have more capabilities, and also cost a lot less. Unfortunately, their lifespan is not infinite and it can happen that the disk is defective and that the Data Recovery Services is difficult to recover.

How to identify the different failures:

Hard disks being made up of fragile mechanical parts , it can sometimes happen that they are defective. How ? All it takes is an accidental drop or a change in temperature for the drive to stop working. Constantly transporting them and plugging and unplugging them increases the risk of breakage on these objects.

Nevertheless, there are 3 categories of failures :

  • Mechanical breakdowns: the hard disk stops working because the components are damaged by falls, by temperatures, wear or even a fire… In short, by causes external to the hard disk.
  • Electronic failures: this occurs when the hard drive refuses to turn on or stops responding. The cause comes from electronic components that no longer work. How is this possible? Due to electronic damage or firmware corruption. So this is an internal disk failure .
  • Logical failures: these failures occur when the disk is working but the data is inaccessible. The reason comes from formatting, deletion or even a virus. It may therefore be a human error when deleting unintentional data.

These different failures are transcribed in several ways. The computer may start to behave strangely, the disk may be displayed as invalid media, an error message may be displayed, or the device’s storage memory may be displayed as 0 bytes. The good news is that there is usually a way to fix a bad hard drive. In most cases, the method is simple, but sometimes it may be necessary to call in a professional.

Data Recovery Services

How to recover a defective hard drive?

Above all, when a problem arises, you have to have the right reflexes. This will reduce the chances of not being able to recover lost or inaccessible data. It is important to know how to proceed.

For example, in case of failures it is better to turn off the disk so that there is no more damage and the data has a chance to be recovered.

If it is a mechanical failure, it is not advisable to use recovery software as it may further damage the drive. Files wanting to be found would then, in the worst case, be impossible to recover. Finally, in the event of a software failure, you should not continue to use the hard disk because during the repair the new data will damage the data that must be recovered. In addition, if the problem is due to a fall or a shock, using the disk for long minutes for the diagnosis could damage the platters. While they were perhaps not reached before. And so the files would be faulty too.

Nevertheless, sometimes there is nothing to do and the reason is that the disk is out of order. For example, if the files cannot be saved, it is likely that the disc is writable and therefore the files are inaccessible. But inaccessible does not mean unrecoverable.

It is for this reason that it is not advisable to repair the disk yourself but to call on a professional who will be able to know the right technique to recover the Wikipedia data. To assess the damage, the professional must open the disk in a place free of all particles (dust, hair, etc.) that could make the hard disk defective. He will be able to know how to make a diagnosis to know what the problem is before undertaking the repairs of the support and to be able to recover the files.

When you have a problem with your hard drive, it is therefore important to go immediately to a professional .. It will be able to determine the cause without damaging more than the disc already is. He will know how to make a diagnosis and then propose a solution with the estimated price . In any case, it is not recommended to try to repair the disk yourself at the risk of it being even more defective and of not recovering the files.

The most important thing is also to remember to keep your important data on another medium to prevent them from being lost permanently if the data is not recoverable.