Cancer and Oil Drilling


Harvard Medical School Study 

"Occupationally-related fatalities among workers in the oil and gas extraction process are higher than deaths for workers from all other US industries combined.
Oil well workers risk injury and chronic disease from exposure to chemicals such as cadmium, arsenic, cyanide, PAHs and lead".




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Environmental Hazards Associated with Urban Oil Field Operations
University Of Southern California
Environmental Engineering Seminar, Environmental Engineering program, Department of Civil Engineering



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Drilling Down Health and Environmental Affects - NRDC 
Natural Resources Defense Council



Contaminate and Toxins Sheet

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Oil, Illness and Human Rights

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 Oil ad Gas Production - Clouding Western Skies
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Gulf Spill Chemical Hazards Report - June 14, 2010

"Crude oil has many highly toxic chemical ingredients that can damage every system in the body".