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Checkout Bob Hendersons position on Prop "A" in 1993 



Check out article on Nordbak about funds for schools.  Don't believe everything a politician tells you. 
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Owen Newcomer - Member List –Individual Supporters (as of 6.25.10)
We Oppose the Texas Oil Companies’Dirty
Energy Proposition!
So why did he vote for the Oil Project?
See below


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Steve Helvey - Whittier City Manager


 Read about Whittier City Manager's Steve Helvey's comments about the Oil Project in August 25, 2006.  Item number 6.  - click below

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Quote from Bob Henderson October 6, 1998.  What has caused him to change.
Bob Henderson addressed the La Habra Heights City Council on October 6, 1998,
speaking out against the proposal. In addition to concerns about the wildlife corridor, he questioned the adequacy of the project’s EIR and spoke about the problems inherent in nonlocally- based development projects:

Developers like to put people who don’t like their project into three groups.
Neighbors of the project, that is those most effected [sic] by the development, must be N.I.M.B.Y.’s (Not In My Back Yard). So you should discount their voices. People in the community who live away from the project shouldn’t speak because it’s not in their neighborhood. And finally people who don’t live in the community, but are concerned with regional issues, shouldn’t be listened to because they’re outsiders trying to tell us what to do. Is there no one but the developer that can comment on this project? But this outside developer – this outside land speculator – who has come to your community to try and make millions of dollars on this project, won’t have to be around afterwards to live with the consequences.129


Bob Henderson quote from February 12, 2010 newspaper article:-  ""  The only reason the Puente Hills Native Habitat Authority bought the mineral rights was to keep out drilling operations that would spoil the area, which was once a major oil field".  ..........My questions are, What Happened?  Why are we drilling?  What happened to not spoiling the area.  
Refer to article - L.A. County wants cut of oil money from hills near Whittier


Updated May 7, 2011

In the words of Whittier City Councilmember Greg Nordbak: from the Puente Hills Habitat "Succes Story"

[Preservation of hillside land] had a real healing effect in our community…It took away the adversity between the groups that wanted to develop the hills and the groups that wanted to save the hills. Finally preserving the land took that knife that had been wedged into our community out of the picture.168