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 Bob Henderson


Checkout Bob Hendersons position on Prop "A" in 1993 



Bob Henderson quote from February 12, 2010 newspaper article:-  ""  The only reason the Puente Hills Native Habitat Authority bought the mineral rights was to keep out drilling operations that would spoil the area, which was once a major oil field".  

Refer to article - L.A. County wants cut of oil money from hills near Whittier


Bob Henderson's Conflicting Statement 


Whose Story do you believe?
Bob Henderson or Matrix Oil

The question is, "Who thought about drilling first"? Both take the credit, who should you believe? Better yet, why would you believe either one of them?

APRIL 29, 2009
The Derrick Next Door: Suburb Explores a Crude Solution to Its
Budget Woes

Bob Henderson, the town's mayor, had a revelation.
"I was sitting at home, just idly thinking about this possibility of oil drilling and suddenly thought:
'Oh, my God, when I purchased the old Chevron property, we demanded they give us the oil
rights. III The demand was made so Whittier could convert the area into a wilderness preserve.
Says Mr. Henderson: "It's home to an awful lot of animals -- bobcats, coyotes, hundreds of birds."
Bittersweet Epiphany But oil, he says, could fuel a renewal for his town of 90,000. And even
with oil now trading near $50 a barrel it's still enticing. "We know that at the time that the Chevron
field stopped, they were producing 900 barrels a day." If they could coax the wells to put that out
again, there could be a fortune.

Whittier Daily News May 19, 2010

Guest View: Matrix Oil Corporation following rules

by Michael McCaskey, VP Matrix Oil

In 2006, Matrix approached the city to potentially develop certain city lands near the city's landfill. The city was
interested but cautious, and encouraged us to submit a proposal to be reviewed like any other land use
proposal. We were informed by city staff that California law required that our project and a potential contract
with the city would only be possible as a competitive bid process.




 The following documents are where the above statements came from.

MATRIX OIL LETTER  0519100001.pdf MATRIX OIL LETTER 0519100001.pdf
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Greg Nordbak

Check out article on Nordbak about funds for schools.  Don't believe everything a politician tells you.


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Owen Newcomer


We Oppose the Texas Oil Companies’ Dirty
Energy Proposition!
Member List –Individual Supporters
(as of 6.25.10) 

under heading of Local Government page 5

Councilmember Owen Newcomer, City of Whittier

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Mr. Newcomer along with all of the other Council members voted to approve the lease to Matrix Oil.