Conflicts of Interest Within Whittier's City Council




 Bob Henderson - Whittier City Councilman




1.  Bob Henderson receives Royalties from Matrix Oil
Matrix Oil is the single bid for the Whittier Oil Project.
September 12, 2006 - Bob Henderson declares a conflict of Interest during a vote for Matrix Pipeliine L.P. and Matrix Oil for a pipeline franchise.  Click here to see Council minutes.
October 28, 2008 - Whittier City Council awards Matrix Oil and Clayton Williams Energy Oil Lease for Whittier Main Project.  The entire Council votes for the project including Bob Henderson who is receiving royalties from Matrix Oil.  Click here to Council Report
September 10, 2010 - Bob Henderson decides to "Quick Claim" his oil royalties from Matrix oil to his son Ken.  Click here to see newspaper article.




2.  Bob Henderson is the Chairman of the Punte Hills Habitat Authority and has been since its inception in 1994.  His Habitat Authority has been receiving money since 2008.  Henderson and his habitat Authority are deeply involved in Oil Project.  Whitter has a JPA (joint powers agreement) with the Habitat Authority to manage Whittiers Hills.

Bob Henderson Chairman of the Puente Hills Habitat Authority.  Click here to see.

 Secret meeting with the Habitat Authority, Matrix Oil, Clayton Williams Energy and the City of Whittier.  Click here.




3.  Bob Henderson and his relationship to Whittier First Day Coalition
Bob Henderson's wife is on their advisory board.  Click here to see.
City of Whittier has been giving them money since 2002 from redevelopment funds.  Click here to see the City's financials.
Whittier First Day President  Virginia (Ginny) Ball and Executive Director Ted Knoll make contributions to all of the Whittier Council during their elections; Cathy Warner, Bob Henderson, Owen Newcomber, Joe Vinatieri and Greg Nordbak (resigned in 2012).  Click here to see 460 forms from the Council members.


Virginia (Ginny) Ball the president of First Day has a son Frank Ball.  He owns Whittier Hills National Bank.  Look which councilman have stock of at least $10,000.00 in Frank Ball's bank.
Here are the Councilpersons Bob Henderson, Cathy Warner and Joe Vinatieri. that have stock in Frank Ball's Bank Whittier Hills National Bank.  Click here to see their 460 forms.
First Day Coalition
Background on First Day.  People on the board.  Virginia Ball President, Ted Knoll Executive Director, Dr. Judith Henderson (Bob Henderson's wife) and Councilman Owen Newcomer.  Click Here
Campaign Contributions to all of the Candiates from Virginia Ball President of First Day and Ted Knoll the Executive Director.  Click Here
Campaign Contributions to all Council Members - Possible conflicts of interest.
Council members have taken money from the following combination of contributors who are doing business with the City or their businesses are doing business with the City.

1.  J C McFarland - Works for Matrix Oil as a liaison between the City and Matrix for Whittier Oil Project.  Local Oil Tycoon that has had oil leases with City of Whittier.

2.  Consolidated Disposal has the trash contract for 1/2 of the City.

3.  Randal Martinez leaked personnel information about the Friendly Hills Property Owners Association to former City Manager Steve Helvey, Matt Knabe and Executives with Matrix Oil

4.  Edison International/So Cal Edison

5.  Barbara & Harry Stone, Harry is a Planning Commissioner who voted for the Oil Project.

5.  Robert and Virginia Ball, Virginia is the President of First Day Coalition which the City of Whittier had given over 1 million dillars to in the past 10 years.  This is a 501.3c charity.  Virgina is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

6.  Ted Knoll is the Executive Director of First Day Coalition charity.

7.  Harvey Englander & Matt Knabe, their PR firm represented Matrix Oil to push the oil project on the community.  Contribution made to Greg Nordbak.

8.  7-11 Mini Mart was trying to get a franchize in Whittier at Norwalk Blvd and Beverly Blvd.  North West Corner - The residences were able to apply enough pressure to kill it.

Click here to see their combined 460 forms.


Gifts the Council members have received according to their 700 forms.

Some of the same people that made campaign contributions gave them gifts.
Bob Henderson Gifts - Click here.
Owen Newcomer Gifts - Click here.
Owen asks for money to buy shoes for his campaign people - Click here.

Joe Vinatieri Gifts - Click here.
Cathy Warner Gifts - Click here.
Greg Nordbak's Gifts - Click here.
Former City Manager Steve Helvey Gifts - Click here.
Matrix Oil asks Bob Henderson and former City Manager Steve Helvey if they should ask for a "Curry Favor" (Political Favor) from Supervisor Don Knabe.
Read the City's e-mail response to Matrix.  Click Here



Greg Nordbak - his relationship with Consolidated Disposal and Republic Industries the parent company of Consolidated Disposal.  Also his other relationships.  Look to see how much money he was collecting from other organization for.  It was a minimu of $170,000.00.
Documents that show Nordbak worked for Consolidate Disposal while being a Councilman - Click here
Newspaper article about Greg Nordbak trying to save contract with the City of Norwalk for Consolidated Disposal - Click here.
Greg Nordbaks 700 forms - If Mr. Nordbak is an executive with Consolidated Disposal, why was that detail information left off of his 700 form.  His forms only show that he was receiving over $10,000.00 a year from them?  Click here to see both his 700 and 460 forms.


Richard Jones, Whittier's contractor City Attorney and his water company Cal Domestic Water.

Contractor City Attorney Richard Jones who is also the Chairman of Cal Domestic Water (whose company could be selling water to the oil project if it goes through).  The City of Whittier does Business with Cal Domestic Water.  Click here to see more on Mr. Jones

For additional information on Whittier's contract City Attorney please click here.  Go to Exhibit A-3.  His information is just below that.


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