Thursday January 10, 2008 @ 11:30A.M.



From:              J.C. McFarland [rnac@rncfarLcorn)

Sent:               Friday, January 04, 20085:10 PM

To:                  Bob Henderson; Steve Helvey; Laurie Collins; Andrea Gullo; David Peiser

Cc:                  Johnny Jordan; Mark Tisdale; Mel Riggs; Mike McCaskey; Jeff Kerns; Melonie Kuegler

SUbJect:       Meeting Between Whittier Main Parties - Thurs, Jan 10th @ 11:30 AM


                We are confirmed for our "meet and greet" and data sharing gathering next Thursday,  January 19th at 11: 30 AM at the Oak Room located in the Palm Park Recreation Center (meeting room next to pool).

Representatives from the City, the Habitat Authority, Matrix Oil and their industry partner,
Clayton Williams Energy, are invited to meet and become acquainted, and to share in some
preliminary geological and engineering information which has been accumulated to date. Lunch
will be provided.

Immediately following this meeting, the Habitat Authority reps will conduct a tour of
the Whittier Main area for all interested parties.

Should their be additional City or Habitat representatives who are appropriate to be
invite to the meeting and/or tour, please notify me so I can arrange for their lunch and tour

Regards, Mac McFarland - Home office 562/ 696-166

 Who Attended the Meeting?


Bob Henderson - Whittier City Councilman and Chairman of the Habitat Authority.
Steve Helvey - Former Whittier City Manager
Laurie Collins - Hired before Ester Feldman to unwind prop "A"
Andrea Gullo - Director of the Puente Hills Habitat Authority
David Pelser - Department head for the City of Whittier
Johnny Jordan - President of Matrix Oil
Mark Tisdale - Vice President of Clayton Williams Energy (owns 75% of oil lease)
Mel Riggs - City or Whittier
Mike McCaskey - VP Matrix Oil
Jeff Kerns - Geoligist Matrix Oil
Melonie Kuegler - City of Whittier
JC MCFarland - local oil man hired by Matrix Oil to be liaison between Matrix and City of Whittier.