MAP of where out Council Members

live.  Will they be affected by the oil

project?  NO
Here is where our Council members live
 in relation to the oil project.  Looks like
their neighborhoods won't be affected.
Get Educated

Reading Material on Hazards of Oil Drilling

Fracking the Future - Click Here

Whittier does Acknowledge they needed

 the County's Consent for the Lease

Read the E-Mail between the City of Whittier and L.A. County where Whittier acknowledges they need the "CONSENT" from the County for the lease.  Click here

Whittier Did Get it WRONG

Read the Letter between L.A. County and Whittier regarding Whittier's misinterpretation of Prop A.

Letter from L.A. County to Whittier - Click here

Whittier's response to L.A. County's Letter - Click here

Clearly Whittier never got it right.  The fact they lost all of the lawsuits should be the City's first clue they were wrong.

 L.A. Times Articles on L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe and his son Matt Knabe who Lobbys the County

L.A. Times Articles on the Knabe's
"Family Ties"

Two L.A. Times articles about the Knabe's Don and Matt.  Don (Dad) our County Supervisor and his son Matt who lobbies the County.  The company Matt works for ( Englander, Knabe & Allen) is doing the PR work for Matrix Oil and his dad is our County Supervi