The Oil Companies




The Oil Companies Involved

So you want to know who the big money is on this oil project? 

It not Matrix Oil, its Clayton Williams Energy who is worth over 742 Million Dollars.  For whatever reason the City Council does not talk about them.  Matrix is the little guy on this Oil Lease, it's Clayton Williams Energy who is the MEGA Company.  Look below - This is right off of the Signed Lease Agreement with the City of Whittier.  Look who has the highest percentage of the lease.  Its a sure bet that Clayton Williams Energy will be calling the shots on this project.  Which means who will make the call for the alternatives for the project.  My money is on Clayton Williams with 75% of the lease.





THIS OIL, GAS AND MINERAL LEASE (hereinafter "Lease") is, made and entered into this 28th day of October, 2008, by and between the CITY OF WHITTIER, a charter municipality of the State of California with a mailing address at 13230 Penn Street, Whittier, CA 90602 (hereinafter called "Lessor"), and Matrix Oil Corporation, a

California corporation (as to an undivided 25%), with a mailing address at 104 Anapamu, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 and Clayton Williams Energy, Inc., a Delaware corporation (as to an undivided 75%), with a mailing address at 6 Desta Drive, Suite 6500, Midland, TX 79705 (hereinafter called "Lessee").


Clayton Williams Energy Uses Whittier Main Oil Field Project to Recruit Investors

As part of a presentation to get Investors for their Company.  Clayton Williams Energy uses the Whittier Main Oil Field Project to recruit investors.  This was done at a conference in New York on April 12, 2010.  This should prove just how big this project really is.  The lease will allow them to develop all 1,290 acres and you can bet they probably will.  Anyone that thinks they are not going to be affect is wrong.  This project will be huge.  Once it starts you won't be able to stop it.  The bottom two points are from their slides 18 & 19 of the power point presentation.


  1. Whittier Main Field (Whittier, California) • Abandoned by Chevron during 1991 • Producing 900 BOPD before abandonment • Approximately 60 MMBOE recovered prior to abandonment (gravity of 24 to 42 API) • Recovery estimated at only 10% of oil in place from sandstone and shale source rock zones • City of Whittier now owns mineral rights • 1,280 acre lease awarded to Matrix Oil/CWEI • Delineated oil zones from 800 feet to 8,000 feet 18
  2. Whittier Main Field Puente Hills Whittier City 1 Mile Location of the City Lease – 1280 acres in Green and Yellow Outline 19





Matrix Should be Embarrassed about the Project Video on their Website.

Matrix Oil PR company has made some very bad errors on their "What Whittier Residences are saying about the Project".  The second car dealership that is shown in the video is not in Whittier.  Its in Downey.  It was Massy Chevrolet dealership but its better known as the old Bob Spreen Cadillac (Studebaker and Florance).  Jeffery Ball Founder of Friendly Hills Bank.  Bob Henderson owns stock in his bank.  His investment is worth between $10,000.00 and $100,000.00.  That is listed on Henderson's 700 form.  They talk about all the money the City is going to make.  None of the money can go to the general fund.  Where is the documentation that backs up their claim?  How can you believe a Oil Company where a dealership from another town is used along with a spokes person who Mr. Henderson has a financial interest in his company.  Who do you believe?