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Hellman Park

Article tells you the City sold the Park to Mountain Recreation Conservation Authority for 2.3 million dollars.  The City sold the property to get money to loan to the YMCA which never paid back the loan.  This was taxpayers money. 

The land was leased back to Whittier for zero dollars for 10 years.  At the end of the 10 years MRCA sold the property back to Whittier for one dollar.

The question is....The 2.3 million dollars was taxpayers money.  It was given to the YMCA of Whittier.  At the end of the 10 years MRCA has no land for the 2.3 million dollars and the money is gone.  What would you call that?

September 20, 2006


Whittier Council Agenda Regarding the sale of Hellman Park.  December 23, 1996 - Click here


Documents on Sale of Property - Click here


Hellman Park Appraisal (was it less then what MRCA paid for)? - Click here



Richard Jones - Whittier's contractor City Attorney


Whittier's contractor City Attorney -

Richard Jones.....Does he have a

conflict of interest by doing business

with Whittier as its Attorney and

as the Chairman of the Board of Cal

Domestic Water (based in Whittier)

whom Whittier sells water leases to?

Mr. Jones business relationship with Whittier goes beyound his law firm.  He is also Chairman of the Board of Cal Domestic Water.  He has held that position since at least 2002.

Whittier sells water leases to Cal Domestic Water.  Some of that water is sold back to Whittier (East of Catalina) and is sold to our neighboring cities to the East of Whittier.  Cal Domestic Water will be one of the water suppliers to Whittier's proposed oil project.  They are mentioned in the FEIR.

Mr. Jones is also the contractor attorney for the City of Fullerton.  His company Cal Domestic Water is a water supplier to Fullerton.

Another contractor attorney who is one of the attornies for Whittier's proposed oil project is James Markman who is also the contractor attorney for Brea and yes, Cal Domestic Water sells water to them.  In fact, Brea's City manager sits on the Board of Directors.  Cal Domestic Water is a privately held company not a co-op.  He also works for Cal Domestic Water as Special Council.

 Information on Richard Jones Whittier's contractor City Attorney - Click here


Richard Jones and Council members own Stock in Whittier Hills Bank (local bank) that is owned by Frank Ball.  He is the son of Guiney Ball who is President of First Day charity that Whittier gives over 100,000.00 a year to and has a contract with.

Stock in Friendly Hills Bank - Click here




 Richard Jones linked to the Cities of Whittier, Brea, Fullerton,  

La Habra Heights and Cal Domestic Water.

Does he have Conflicts?


The chart on the right shows how Richard Jones is tied into our neighboring Cities with Cal Domestic Water and as their contractor city attorney.  James Markman who is also a contractor attorney for Whittier and Brea is special council to Cal Domestic Water.  Do you see any conflicts of interest?



Cal Domestic Water Info - Whittier sells water to them and Whittier's contractor Attorney Dick Jones is Cal Domestics Chairman of the Board since at least 2002 - Click here to see details



 Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy an agency of the State of California.  Mountain Recreation Conservation Authority is part of Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy.  Both groups originally against the the oil project now support it so they could get $11.25 million dollars in royalties a year - Click here to see details



Whittier Signs Secret Oil Deal with Oil Companies Six Months before Project goes to Bid

Whittier signed a Letter of Agreement with the Oil Companies six months before the oil project went to bid


The Public Records Response letter  shows there was an agreement between the Oil Companies and the City of Whittier.  You will also see the Term Sheet which talks about working around the City Charter regarding length of contract.  Contracts over 25 years require voters approval.
E-Mail on Whittier's Secret Oil Deal - Click here


Public Records response letter proves there is an agreement that was signed 6 months before project goes to bid - Click here


Puente Hills Habitat Authority aka Habitat Authority manages Whittier's Hills and whose Chairman is Bob Henderson Councilman for the City of Whittier (who has been a councilman for over 30 years) has been receiving oil royalties since at least 2004 and has been doing business with Matrix Oil since 2007 in Sycamore Canyon.  They license land to Matrix.  They are part of the oil lease.  In fact, they have been receiving money from Matrix since 2008 - Click here for details



Timeline for Oil Project and Prop "A".


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Print this document first "Who are the Players"  use it as a guide to identify the names on documents and e-mails in the document





Next read the document to the right.  It will give you background on the project and allegations.  While you are reading the document you will see referrals to Exhibits.  Below are those exhibits.  Click on the definitions on the right and it will take you to the actual document that holds the information you need to see.




Read this last.  The Cover Up




Definitions -
Documents and E-Mails
Exhibit A

On October 18, 2006 the City of Whittier had its first meeting with Matrix Oil about an oil project with the City of Whittier.  We have no idea what went on in the meeting because there were no notes kept.  But we do have an e-mail that references that meeting (Exhibit A).


By mid November 2006 (again based off of e-mails) Matrix Oil had sent their geologist out to take a look at a couple of old wells that were located in the City's landfill.  Matrix came back and said those wells were non-productive.  Here is a portion of Jeff Kerns (Geologist for Matrix oil)  e-mail to Matrix officials (Exhibit A).


“We do see potential in a field wide type development, which would require about 2 acres of land adjacent to the landfill from which we would drill wells and process oil and gas.  This is what we discussed at our meeting with the City on October 18.  If the City owns such a tract of land, we could start thinking about what kind of deal structure might work for all parties”.  Jeff Kerns



Exhibit B

This e-mail was sent to Mike Mc Caskey VP of Matrix and J C McFarland consultant for Matrix Oil who has done a variety of work for Matrix.  He is no stranger to our City Council.  Mc Farland ( a local Oil Tycoon) was the campaign Treasure for four election cycles (1998, 2002, 2006 & 2010) for our former council member Greg Nordbak who resigned in July 2012 (Exhibit B). 
Exhibit C

During that time Councilman Nordbak voted on agreements that involved Matrix Oil including the oil project (Exhibit C).  Two days after Jeff Kern's e-mailed Matrix officials they put together an e-mail that was sent to former Whittier City Manager Steve Helvey and Whittier Department head Dave Mochizuki.

Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit E-1
Exhibit E-2
Exhibit E-3 posted July 20, 2013
Exhibit F
Exhibit G
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Exhibit I
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Exhibit Z

Exhibit A-1 - Posted July 11, 2013

These agenda reports talk about the oil project.  The only problem is the information in them lags the e-mails by at least six months.  Start looking at the e-mails from January of 2008 thru August and you will see the lag.  You will also see that a lot of business with the oil companies prior to the bid.
In the following two Agenda Reports dated April 22, 2008 and June 24, 2008 the City is trying to deceive the public into thinking that committes are being formed and and the City is looking into the idea of the oil project.  Yet, we know that a letter of intent was signed by the City and the Oil Companies in early 2008.  Why would the City mislead the public when a deal was already done?  The timeline of the e-mails from November 2007 to October 2008 do not jive with the two agenda reports.  More proof of the City was covering something up.
Exhibit A - 2 - posted July 7, 2013
E-mail from the City of Whittier that says they did not send bids out for the oil project.  Why did the City not send to other bidders since the City claims this was going to be a 1.5 billion dollar oil project.  So if bids were not sent out.  How did Matrix and Clayton Williams Energy find out.  May be that's because Whittier wanted them all along.
Exhibit A-3 -   This is a timeline for the entire oil project.  Please look from November 2007 to August of 2008.  You will see that the agenda reports don't match what was actually going on in that same period of time.  They lag.  Posted July 10, 2013

 Conflict of Interest with Whittier's Contractor City Attorneys

Both Richard Jones who has been a contractor for over 25 years by providing legal services from his firm and James Markman who works as lead counsel for Cal Domestic Water a Company that not only does business with the City of Whittier but will be proffiting from Whittier's oil project if it does go through.  The Environmental Impact Reports calls out Cal Domestic Water as one of the water suppliers to the oil project.

Mr. Jones firm Jones & Mayer is representing the City of Whittier in their fight to push this oil project through along with Mr. Markman that has had a long relationship with our City.  Even though Mr. Jones and Markman work as attorneys for the City of Whittier there water company Cal Domestic Water supplies water to Whittier.  The City sell Cal Domestic Water some of our water rights.  I am including information that shows the connection.


Exhibit B-1 - Conflict with Whittier's City Attorney
posted July 15, 2013.  Updated July 18, 2013



The City Lied about the Oil Project

to the Public.
  Posted June 6, 2013

Superior Court Judge Stops Oil

Posted June 7, 2013

Judges Tentative Ruling from Trial

June 6, 2013
.   Posted June 8, 2013