Public Comment Corner


Comment sent to us from someone that hikes Sycamore Canyon where Matrix has an Oil Facility. 2/17/11

I walked Sycamore Canyon today and was rather surprised to see all the new activity, compared to a few month ago, when I last walked there.  (Four hours between entry and exit, then, the big smokestack topped with a roaring blaze all the while.)  Glad to see you know about the new drilling.  I may be mistaken, but the structures seem to have expanded.  It is obvious that the roadways have been widened.  The water of the creek (serving the 'protected' wildlife) below the oil facility is spotted with white suds like clots and probably should be tested.  Large stacks of materials that don't look related to the small efforts at park improvement are to be seen in all the areas west of the easternmost oil structures.  The sulphur-and-rot reek of the operation is intense from the Rose Hills sign on the cliffs to the trail head.  Take the easy hike into Sycamore Canyon Park to consider the long-developed Matrix Oil scene.