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updated September 2, 2013
The Lawsuits


What went wrong?  MRCA wins lawsuit against oil companies but settles for cash and annual payments so the oil project can move forward.


Timeline for Oil Project
Videos below are from both MRCA and from P.A.P.A. Attorneys against the Oil Project at Whittier City Council Meetings.  MRCA's Attorney addressed the Whittier City Council on May 8, 2012 and P.A.P.A's Attorney addressed the Whittier City Council on August 27, 2013.  Since that council appearance with MRCA's Attorney.  MRCA won the case and elected to settle by doing the same thing they filed the lawsuit for.  They want royalties totaling up to 11.25 million dollars annually.  Guess environmental groups from the State of California have a price.  P.A.P.A's has an active lawsuit against the City of Whittier and the oil companies.  This lawsuit has not gone to trial yet.  It too is against the using taxpayers money to fund the oil project and dividing the royalties up by contribution in the event the oil project goes through.  It that were the case Whittier would only receive up to $167,000.00 per year not 167 million.


See what Mountain Recreation Conservation Authority (MRCA) Attorney Michelle Hickey who spoke in from of the Whittier City Council on May 8, 2012 says to them.  She also reads a letter from the State Attorney General Kamal Harris.  Both groups are against the oil project.
P.A.P.A. Attorney speaking to Whittier City Council opposed to oil project.  P.A.P.A. currently has a lawsuit filed against the City of Whittier.  August 27, 2013 Whittier Council Meeting.
Exhibit A - 1996

 MRCA gives the City of Whittier 2.3 million dollars and it costs Whittier one dollar.  This took place between 1996 and 2006.  Did Joe Edmiston give away 2.3 million dollars of state taxpayers money?  At the end of the day SMMC is out 2.3 million dollars and has no land!!!  What happened to those taxpayers dollars?


Exhibit A-1
Documents on Sale of Hellman Park.


Exhibit A-2
Joe Edmiston of Executive Director creates more problems.  Click on Articles to the right.


Exhibit B  -  MRCA files lawsuit February 24, 2012


 Exhibit C - Letter from Attorney General Kamal Harris


Exhibit D  -  Newspaper Article with Joe Edmistons comments about oil project  -  June 2, 2012.


Exhibit E  -  Video of Joe Edmiston regarding the Whittier oil project.  We think it was done around July 2012


Exhibit F  -  Judges ruling on Lawsuit.  Oil project is shut down.


Exhibit G  -  Newspaper Article from Whittier City Attorney says MRCA has no principles  -  July 8, 2013


Exhibit H  -  Interview with WHOW Board Member Nick Donovan on KPFK Thursday July 25, 2013 about oil porject.


Exhibit I
Letter from State Assemblyman Ian Calderon to Joe Edmiston Executive Director of the Santa Monica Mountain Concervancy/MRCA Dated July 29, 2013.  The day before the settlement hearing.