The recently released EIR for the Matrix Oil Drilling Project is only a platform for discussion.  While the content of the EIR may influence decision makers, it does not bind their judgment. EIR findings may be overridden by the Whittier City Council.  
WHOW urges you to join the legal fight by making a one-time contribution or pledging any amount on a monthly bases to the Open Space Legal Defense Fund at    Your donations will be used to preserve
Whittier’s open space by financing a lawsuit designed to stop the project.

The EIR proposes to mitigate all but six of more than 200 negative environmental impacts.  The EIR further minimizes effects on real estate values by grossly underestimating values of affected homes.  Concerns about fire hazards, pipe deterioration and potential leakage of contaminated materials are validated.  Traffic on Colima will increase and certain view corridors to the south west will be severely impacted.  In response, the City is now considering shifting the location of the project so as to burden residents in West Whittier and Uptown.