Our Mission


The mission of the Whittier Hills Oil Watch (WHOW) is to engage Whittier residents in a discussion on the environmental, social, economic and political issues associated with the proposal by Matrix Oil to renew oil drilling and build a processing facility in our hills.  WHOW is firmly opposed to any oil drilling project that would disturb the ecology of our hills including the current proposal to drill and build their facilities on 17.2 acres of land that is a recovering wilderness.  Please join us in our effort to ensure that our hills are protected and that no drilling is allowed in the Whittier Hills.

One of our goals is to provide the Community with research-based information so you can make well-informed decisions.  We are establishing a platform in which articles related to the Whittier Hills oil drilling can be readily reached.  From comments to our website, it is obvious there are positions to be taken.  Yes, we are opposed to oil drilling, but we think it is more important to inform you so you can make your choice.   Please take time to read and look around.