Proposition "A"


There were two Proposition "A" 's.  The first was refereed to Prop "A" (1992) and the second as Baby "A"(1996).  The City received money in two different amounts from two different sources from Prop "A".  The first source was Prop "A" where they received 9.3 million dollars.  The second was from the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy.  SMMC received 40 million dollars from the Prop "A" grant.  They then took that money and gave additional money to other Cities.  Whittier was one of them.  Whittier received and additional 7 million dollars from SMMC.  In order for City to get that money a joint powers agreement had to to be made between SMMC and the City.  That is when Bob Henderson created the Whittier-Puente Hills Conservation Authority (WPHCA) which was formed to get that additional money needed to purchase the hills.


Prop "A 1992 - Look at sec. 16
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Prop "A" 1996
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Below are specific sections out of Prop "A" that you will find interesting.


6. Four million dollars ($4,000,000) to the County for capital outlay projects to restore and improve the Santa Monica Bay by measurably reducing the toxicity of and/or pollutant load in urban runoff to the Bay, and in accordance with the criteria in Section 14.

(b) Two hundred seventy-nine million eight hundred fifty thousand dollars ($279,850,000) to the Department of Parks and Recreation for grants to public agencies for the acquisition, development, improvement, rehabilitation or restoration of real property for parks and park safety, senior recreation facilities, beaches, recreation, wildlife habitat or natural lands in accordance with the following schedule:

 1. Seventy five million dollars ($75,000,000) for grants to all incorporated cities within the District on a per parcel basis, including funds on a per parcel basis for the unincorporated area of the County.

2. Two hundred four million eighty hundred fifty thousand dollars ($204,850,000) for direct grants to cities in accordance with the following schedule:

 (c) Forty million dollars ($40,000,000) to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy for the acquisition of park and open space land, development of related recreation facilities and grants pursuant to Division 23 of the Public Resources Code, including recreational facilities for senior citizens, according to the following schedule:

 6. Not less than seven million dollars ($7,000,000) shall be expended in the Whittier Hills; prior to the expenditure of such funds the Conservancy shall enter into a joint powers agreement with the City of Whittier in order to facilitate the preservation of park and open space lands.