This Involves the Monterey Shale and a Huge Water Project.  A Water Project that should not go forward.  Click on the Links below to learn more.


Here's our FAQ on the tunnels and why it's a bad deal for Los Angeles.

And some other links.

Main talking points: 
  • LA County Board of Supervisors postpone this endorsement of the BDCP until the the EIR and Cost-Benefit Analysis are released.
  • The board must give enough time to hear from the opposition before it makes a decision.
  • The BDCP will tax urban water users to subsidize fracking in the Monterey Shale. 
  • Los Angeles uses less water than it did 30 years ago, we should be investing in diversifying local water supplies.
  • The BDCP is a big water grab that will befit a few corporate interests while hurting our pocketbooks.