Talking Points for Public Hearing



Matrix Oil asking former City Manager Steve Helvey and Bob Henderson about asking  L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe for a "Curry Favor" (political favor).  Click here to see e-mail.


Oil Project started on October 15, 2006.  Not October 2008.  Click here to see e-mail.


Secret meeting between the City of Whittier, Matrix Oil and Clayton Williams Energy, The Habitat Authority and J C McFarland (liaison for Matrix Oil to the City of Whittier also Oil Tycoon and long time resident of Whittier).  Click here to see e-mail.




PROP A Grant Agreement - Click here.



Conflicts of Interest with Whittier City Councilman Bob Henderson and the Oil Project - Click here.


Major Earth Quake Faults in Whittier - Click here.


Letter of Intent Whittier signed with Matrix Oil November 27, 2007 - Click here.


Oil Project in High Gear Months Before Oil Project goes to Bid - Click here.


 Timeline on Oil Project - Click here.