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Robert Redford:  Fracking Puts Our Drinking Water at Risk.



Robert Redford:  Let's Stand Up to Big Oil



Whittier's contractor Attorney and Attorney for Oil Project.  Listen to his comments about removing the County from a lease they approved.  Did Whittier really think they could get away with that?




This is the verbal exchange between L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavski and the Matrix Attorney regarding Whittier's Oil Project.  Supervisor Yaroslavski makes it very clear to the Matrix Attorney that the funding runs out in June of 2015 not the Open Space Status.  Exchange took place October 29, 2013 at the L.A. county Board of Supervisors meeting.

Here is the for link for the transcript.  Conversation starts on page 100.  Click here



The 6 Myths of the Whittier Main Field Oil Project. 

The Video Comments presented to the Whittier City Council by Open Space Legal Defense Fund.  See what the real problems are that have not been addressed.  The FEIR is Fatally Flawed. (November 9, 2011)



 Which is it Mr. Mc Caskey?????



 Legal Teams Comments to the City Council about the Oil Drilling Project November 9, 2011.



Matrix Oil Facility Honolulu Terrace in Whittier.  Oil Fire May 2005 in underground wells (cellar).  Same type of facility as proposed for New Oil Project.   



Check out the area that will be affected by the oil drilling project.  See it as it really is......Arroyo Pescadero Trails.  



Matrix Oil Drilling at well site in Sycamore Canyon in Whittier.  Listen how much noise it makes.



This is what it's really like to have an oil well in your neighborhood.  These wells are located in Whittier, California on  Honolulu Terrace.  This is the ongoing maintenance that occurs year round.  Shot June 14, 2010. 



KNBC 4 News -  WHOW Rally at Whittier City Hall   July 27, 2010



OOPS....Bob you're not telling the Truth.  Didn't you read your own Scoping Document?  This is proof why we should not believe anything the City Council says and especially Bob Henderson.   Click on video and see.  This interview was done July 27, 2010 by Channel 4 News.





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