Whittier City Attorney Richard Jones also Chairman of the
 Board of Cal Domestic Water that Whittier sells Water
 Leases to.  His company could be one of the water
 suppliers to the oil project!



Excerpt from Mr. Jones Bio
"Mr. Jones is the current Chairman of the Board of Directors of the California Domestic Water Company, a wholesale water distributor to municipalities in Orange and Los Angeles Counties".
This 700 Form from former Wittier City Manager show that Richard Jones has been the Chairman of the Board since 2002.  Here he takes Steve Hevely out to Golf.

Richard Jones Contractor City Attorney

for the City of Whittier 700 Forms.

On former City Manager Steve Helvey's 700 Forms in 2002 it shows that Richard Jones took Helvey to golf on two occasions as the Chairman of the Board of Cal Domestic Water.

Mr. Jones 700 forms in 2002, 2003 & 2004 does not list his position as Chairman of the Board of Cal Domestic Water.  He does not list his position on his 700 form until 2005.

See Helvey's 700 form below.


 Contracts between Mr. Jones water company Cal Domestic Water and the City of


*  Easement Agreement between Cal Domestic Water and the City of Whittier October 31, 2005 - Click here

*  Temporary Assignment or Lease of Water Rights July 1, 2009 - Click here

*  Water Lease with Whittier 2010/2011 - Click here

Water Lease with Whittier October 2012 to 2016 - Click here




Richard Jones links to the Cities of Whittier, Brea, Fullerton  

and Cal Domestic Water.

Does he have Conflicts?


The chart on the right shows how Richard Jones is tied into our neighboring Cities with Cal Domestic Water and as their contractor city attorney.  James Markman who is also a contractor attorney for Whittier and Brea is special council to Cal Domestic Water.  Do you see any conflicts of interest?

Here is what the FEIR says about who could be supplying water to the oil project.
Suburban Water Systems purchases the other 20 percent of its supply from agencies including the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Covina Irrigating Company, and California Domestic Water Company. Suburban Water Systems supplies water to the Whittier/La Mirada District. The Whittier/La Mirada District, in part, spans east of Catalina Avenue beyond Colima Road and south of Mar Vista Street. Suburban Water Systems could supply water to the Project Site from its existing water main on Colima Road.
See what happen in Fullerton with Cal Domestic Water.  According to one of these articles Chevron is involved in Cal Domestic Water.
foerlymarch 0311 041911.pdf foerlymarch 0311 041911.pdf
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fojune2010s.pdf fojune2010s.pdf
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Read this to get a real good idea of what is going on.  A must read.