Whittier's Trash

Is Someone or Something Getting into it?



In May of 2015 our City Council decided to privatize the City's refuse collection operation and dissolve the City service.  Henderson say in a Whittier Daily News article that "Our expenses are high".  If the City's expenses are to high then there is a problem with the City. 
Refuse collection is a very lucrative business.

Is this a ploy by the City to replace the millions of dollars spent by the City on the debunked oil project?  If Henderson and other members of the Council are involved the ressult at some point will be higher refuse collection fees.

In July of 2015 Whittier signed a contract with Consolidated Disposal to pickup trash on routes where City refuse trucks p/u trash.  The justification for this move is the amount of sick leave the employees are using causing drive shortages preventing the trash from being picked up.  Lets think about this.  You are about to loose your job.  You may not be getting paid for the sick time that you have a crewed.  What would you do?  Use the time to find a new job?

Whittier is in a disaster mode with this council.  They are being advised poorly and makiing terrible decisions that benefit someone.  Surely not us.  Look at the information below regarding what's going on with our trash.  Is Someone or Something Getting Into It?



Was Athens the Best Choice for


Look at what a citizens groups from Montebello says about Athens




Whittier's Dirty Little Secrect


 Whittier City Council women Cathy Warner has a son and daughter that work for Athens



Letter from Attorney showing flaws in Whittier's bid.




Article on problems with Whittier's waste haulers bid.
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Whittier - Prop. 218 FINAL 10-19-15.pdf Whittier - Prop. 218 FINAL 10-19-15.pdf
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Whittier wants to Privatize its Refuse Collection


 The documents on the  right are newspaper articles and City documents concerning the privatization of the City's refuse collection.








 Information Regarding Athens



 Staff Report for October 13, 2015 City Council Meeting.




Court Case against Athens Disposal and the City of Montebello.



 Court Ruling on Athens vs City of Montebello




Is Athens a customer of former City Councilman Greg Nordbak's Consulting firm.....Yes.  Check out the minutes from a January 2014 council  meeting of Hunting Park where he represented Athens.  Look at the bottom of page 2.  Is he involved in with Athens and Whittier?


Athens Services pays a recent fine for trash trucks that violated state diesel emissions laws



Lawsuit Involving Athens





 Summary of Incidents Involving Athens (document from Stop Athens.Org)

STAFF REPORT OCT 13 2015.pdf STAFF REPORT OCT 13 2015.pdf
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