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 March 23, 2015

This is Why Whittier Doesn't Need Oil Drilling

Waste Water from Oil Fracking Injected into Clean Aquifers

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 March 21, 2015

WHOW has helped to make a difference.

Quote from article below.

"With the help of politicians across the county, a group known as Whittier Hills Oil Watch has succeeded in keeping Matrix Oil Corp. out of the area"

Click here to read article



March 12, 2015


Yes its true. Our City Council members are allowed to use personal e-mail address for City business. Look on the City's website and you will see that a personal e-mail address is used to contact individual council members. Lets look at Cathy Warner's. If the City had issued her an e-mail address it would read, cathy.warner@cityofwhittier.org Instead it reads cathywarner@earthlink.net

Anytime anyone contacts a council member it is City business.

By conducting City business using their personal accounts it shields that information from a public records request. You cannot do a public records request on someones personal computer. This would give an individual the ability to hide information from the public that involved the City.

I have seen e-mails from both past and current council members that came from e-mail address that are not part of the City's. We cannot have a transparent City when deals can be made secretly.

We need to demand an immediate halt to this practice in our City. You can see in the case of Hilary Clinton conducting government business using your own personal e-mail account can raise a lot of questions.



March 6, 2015

OIL URBANIZATION In LA........This is Why You Don't Want It.  Click here



March 2, 2015

Will Whittier get Fracked if the Oil Project goes through?

Below are the e-mails sent from Matrix Oil regarding Fracking. You can see that the door may be left open for fracking. Remember, Fracking has several different names. You will also notice the word NO was not used when it came to using Fracking.

Read the e-mails and you decide.

From: Mike McCaskey [mailto:MMcCaskey@matrixoil.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 29, 2010 7:09 AM
To: Joann Lombardo; Mac Mcfarland; Les Toth
Cc: jadams@cityofwhittier.org; jcollier@Cityofwhittier.org; Luis Perez; Bob Henderson

Subject: Re: Questions for Matrix


To further elaborate on your request
I will review our production profiles and forward a chart that is consistent with previously provided data. It would be helpful to know ifMRS is going to use the previously provided chart with 30-year projections.

We do have charts or curves ofprirnary production and can send on Monday. Primary production is defined as production gained from initial wells as modeled by historic standards (data from the old vertical well records) and does not model re-drills we expect to perform (offset drilling). It is important to note that we have not built in enhanced production rates into our forecast of production from the drilling of high-angle, long-reach wells that target keeping wellbores in oil/gas zones for long distances in "pay" using 3D imagery. Long reach drilling frequently results in high production rates but we won't know until we test the lease.

The question of "frac" completions keeps getting raised. Currently we plan to follow our currently used approach at our West Whittier field operation which includes methods of straight perforations of well casing into a oil/gas zone ("00 Zone") or the use of a slotted liner across a 00 Zone to which a tube with slotsl holes as a liner is used which allows fluids to enter from a selected formation or a method of perforation across a 00
Zone with an injected resin or "Limited Entry Sand Control Method" which helps keep sand from flowing into a welL

The bottom line is that the LA Basin consists mostly of oil saturated, very soft formations in which fracturing with multi-stage operations like the Mid-Continent approaches are not employed.


Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
From: mmccaskey@matrixoiLcom
Date: Thu, 29 Jul201 002:21 :43 +0000
To: Joann Lombardo<joann@jalcps.com>; Mac Mcfarland<Mac@mcfarLcom>; Les Toth<LToth@prou.com>
ReplyTo: mmccaskey@matrixoil.com
Cc: jadams@cityofwhittier.org<jadams@cityofwhittier.org>;
jcollier@cityofwhittier.org<jcollier@cityofwhittier.org>; Luis Perez<luis .perez@mrsenv.com>

Subject: Re: Questions for Matrix


Can you elaborate as we have previously provided a table with forecast volumes of produced oil and gas
for a 30 year period.

We do not have current plans to use fracturing methods to complete wells as like commonly used in the Mid-
Continent areas for approaches to stimulate low-porosity rocks to flow oil or gas.




 March 1, 2015

Was Matrix trying to put a pipeline between the Whittier Oil Project and their

La Habra Heights Project?

Hear is what Johnny Jordan President of Matrix Oil says when he is asked about running a pipeline between the two proposed facilities. Video from January 2012.




Was La Habra Heights Plan "B" for the Whittier Oil Project?

Listen to what Johnny Jordan says at a community meeting January 2012 regarding oil leases. Remember, Whittier has already entered into a lease prior to this. So when he refers to Whittier's lease Matrix is part of that lease.


THIS OIL, GAS AND MINERAL LEASE (hereinafter "Lease") is, made and entered into this 28th day of October, 2008, by and between the CITY OF WHITTIER, a charter municipality of the State of California with a mailing address at 13230 Penn Street, Whittier, CA 90602 (hereinafter called "Lessor"), and Matrix Oil Corporation, a California corporation (as to an undivided 25%), with a mailing address at 104 Anapamu, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 and Clayton Williams Energy, Inc., a Delaware corporation (as to an undivided 75%), with a mailing address at 6 Desta Drive, Suite 6500, Midland, TX 79705 (hereinafter called "Lessee").

Video from January 2012.



La Habra Heights......Is this how Matrix Oil will treat you as a Neighbor?

Watch the video and see how a videographer was harassed by a Matrix Representative regarding videoing the meeting. Then hear Johnny Jordan President of Matrix responds when a citizen asks about putting the video on channel 3. Eventually, the videographer was provided a "feed" so he could tape the event. 
Video from January 2012.



February 26, 2015

  The San Gabriel Valley Tribune Endorses Measure A

They recommend a "YES" Vote - Click here



February 25, 2015

Could Whittier be next?

When I read the article below about La Habra Heights it only reinforces what I have been saying for sometime. The City being sued.

For Whittier it is a reality. Contracts were sign without getting the land (Whittier Hills) released from open space status. Whittier has an agreement with Matrix and Clayton Williams Energy to drill for oil but has no land to drill on.

In a Whittier Daily News article dated April 12, 2011 you can see Henderson is afraid the City can be sued.

But Henderson said the city can't just stop the project and say no to Matrix.

"If we take an applicant in this position, cut off discussion and not let them go forward, we'd be liable for millions of dollars in punitive damages," he said. "We'd be taking away a property right."

Since the City signed these agreements they could also be liable for loss of revenue of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Another case of putting the cart in front of the horse.


La Habra Heights Votes to decide on anti-oil ballot measure on Tuesday

                 To read article  Click here


U.S. Geological Survey:  Fracking Waste is the Primary Cause of the Dramatic Rise in


To read article Click here



February 20, 2015

                                                                                                   WHOW......I did not know that.

Will Residences of Whittier see their property values drop because of Whittier's proposed Oil Project?

Take 16 minutes to watch the video of Laurie Gral as she speaks about property values around drill sites. It affects Loans, Insurance and your Property Value.. A must watch if you live in Whittier, La Habra Heights, Fullerton or Brea.



February 19, 2015

                                                   La Habra Heights Update:

Oil industry has spent $565,879.24 on the NO effort.



 February 16, 2015

So Cal Fracking Tour with Calvin Tillman.  Former Mayor of Dish Texas.

If you missed the Calvin Tillman So Cal Fracking Tour click below to see him and others speaking at La Habra Heights on Sunday February 15, 2015.



February 13, 2015

What is going on at Whittier City Hall? Are the Clampits in charge?

This is part of a newsletter from Whittier's former City Manager Steve Helvey to the Employees of Whittier. This tells you the oil project started in August of 2006.

We have been told the City needed this project because of the loss of car dealerships. The first car dealership did not go out of business till December 2007.
The oil project started approximately 16 months before that.

Its clear Whittier had been working with Matrix Oil for a long time on the oil project.

See excerpt of Managers newsletter below.

August 25, 2006

JED .....•... w ••••••••••••••• lit •••••••••• ,t

That's right, oil, black gold, Texas tea. The more that Mochizuki and I
talk about abandoning that old well up at the landfill, the more we think that we're nuts if we don't take a look at whether or not the City should be sucking up some of that black gold now that it's worth $70 a barrel.

I've asked the Matrix Oil geologist to take a peek at our mineral rights to see if we have a pot of gold sitting right under us. He's doing it as a "freebie" and I'll let you know what we found out. Hey. what have we got to lose?


February 10, 2015

La Habra Heights - Update

Whittier Activist Nick Donovan explains that Don Knabe's son was a lobist for Matrix Oil before Whittier.


February 5, 2015

                                                                           WHOW has made a difference.

Last night while I was watching TV I decided to do a Goggle search on WHOW. I was amazed. I never realized how our message has been carried throughout the world. We have impacted so many and are looked at for our success. So if you ever thought we have not made a difference.....think again. I recommend that you do you own Goggle search and see for yourself. Thank you again to all of you for your help. It took all of us to make the difference.


 February 4, 2015

Los Angeles: Help Pass Local Fracking Bans in SoCal!

No on O

This March, La Habra Heights and Hermosa Beach will vote on measures to ban fracking and oil drilling in their cities!

The oil and gas industry in California has already poured millions into these two cities to buy votes, and are outspending these grassroots campaigns by more than 50-1!

We know that grassroots outreach and one-on-one conversations are the most effective way to inform voters about these critical measures, and we need your help to reach as many people as possible in the last days before the election!

Join us in Los Angeles to help call voters or knock on doors in La Habra Heights and Hermosa Beach to tell them to vote to ban fracking and neighborhood drilling!

We will host volunteers on evenings leading up to the election at the Food & Water Watch office in Los Angeles, or you can make calls from home! On weekends we will head out to neighborhoods in La Habra Heights and Hermosa Beach to knock on doors and talk to voters face-to-face! Join us!


February 3 2015

California Regulators Allowed Oil Industry To Drill Hundreds Of Wastewater Injection Wells Into Aquifers With Drinkable Water

The fallout from the ongoing review of California’s deeply flawed Underground Injection Control program continues as new documents reveal that state regulators are investigating more than 500 injection wells for potentially dumping oil industry wastewater into aquifers protected under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act as well as state law.

Last July, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ordered an emergency shutdown of 11 wastewater injection wells in California. In October, nine of the wells were confirmed to have been illegally dumping wastewater into protected aquifers.

Now a letter from Steve Bohlen, the State Oil and Gas Supervisor for California’s Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), sent to the EPA on August 18, 2014 but just revealed via a Freedom of Information Act request, shows that the problem is much more widespread than previously disclosed to the public.

A copy of the letter was shared with DeSmogBlog by the Center for Biological Diversity. “EPA has confirmed to us and to the San Francisco Chronicle that Steve Bohlen’s list shows 532 wells believed to be injecting into protected aquifers,” according to Patrick Sullivan, a spokesperson for the CBD.

Under federal law, any aquifer with water that contains less than 10,000 parts-per-million of total dissolved solids (such as salt and other minerals) is protected. Sullivan told DeSmog that the 532 wells are all injecting wastewater into water that is either cleaner than 10,000 ppm TDS or with unknown TDS. CBD has mapped all of the injection wells in question.

“We know that at least 170 of these wells were drilled into aquifers with TDS of below 3,000 — which means they are suitable for drinking water,” Sullivan says. “Hundreds more are injecting into aquifers below 10,000 TDS, which is water that likely could be made usable.”

In response to the revelations, CBD sent a letter to the EPA demanding an immediate shutdown of all oil industry injection wells in the state that are injecting wastewater into protected aquifers.

“Because the state has failed to protect our water or uphold the law, action by the EPA Administrator is legally required,” the letter states. “In the midst of an unprecedented drought and when so many Californians lack access to safe, clean drinking water, it is outrageous to allow contamination of drinking and irrigation water to continue.”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, which has also reviewed the data provided by DOGGR to the EPA, there are no signs yet that any sources of drinking water have actually been tainted, but the EPA is poised to step in if necessary because the state has had decades to fix the problem and has failed to do so:

Oil companies in drought-ravaged California have, for years, pumped wastewater from their operations into aquifers that had been clean enough for people to drink.

They did it with explicit permission from state regulators, who were supposed to protect the increasingly strained groundwater supplies from contamination.

Instead, the state allowed companies to drill more than 170 waste-disposal wells into aquifers suitable for drinking or irrigation, according to data reviewed by The Chronicle.

So far, tests of nearby drinking-water wells show no contamination, state officials say. But the federal Environmental Protection Agency, which helped uncover the practice, is threatening to seize control of regulating the waste-injection wells, a job it has left to California officials for over 30 years. The state faces a Feb. 6 deadline to tell the EPA how it plans to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again.

Oil industry wastewater is extremely briny (saltier even than seawater — so salty it can kill plants) and typically contains a variety of toxic chemicals associated with the oil production process. Given that hydraulic fracturing (a.k.a. fracking) has been used by half of all new wells drilled in California over the past decade, this wastewater is also increasingly likely to contain fracking chemicals that have been linked to cancer and other severe health problems.

Given that California is entering into a fourth year of epic drought, it would certainly seem prudent to rein in the oil industry's waste stream once and for all.

“California’s drinking water aquifers shouldn’t be garbage dumps for the oil industry,” Kassie Siegel, director of CBD’s Climate Law Institute, said in a statement. “It’s legally required and just common sense that every well injecting wastewater illegally be shut down immediately to avoid further damage.”

Image Credit: Richard Thornton / Shutterstock.com


January 28, 2015

                                                                                            WHOW - I did not know that.

                                                                           Does a Whittier Councilman have a Price?

Whittier City Councilman Owen Newcomer takes Lakers Tickets and Food from Brookfield Homes. This is the same company that wants to develop the Nelles property and is crying hardship so they can tear down more historical buildings on that property to build more homes so they can make more money.

See Owen Newcomers 700 form below


January 26, 2015

Whittier City council is about to Screw up the Nelles Project in a major way. The

Community will be the losers. Get rid of Brookfield Homes

Developers seek hardship status - Click here to read article


January 26, 2015

Carson Environmental Groups Stops Oil Drilling

CARSON (CBSLA.com) — A California oil company announced Monday that it is canceling plans to drill up to 200 new wells in Carson.

The California Resource Corp., formerly known as the Occidental Petroleum Corp., said it’s backing off the proposed project.

California Resources Corp. has concluded that our proposed Dominguez energy project is no longer practical in the current commodity price environment and we are asking the city to stop processing the project,” the company said in a statement.

Furthermore, according to KCAL9’s Dave Bryan, the company contends that California has a huge energy deficit because it uses a lot more than it produces.

But environmentalists say it may be a signal the company will be coming back soon to re-drill the wells when the prices rise.

“We always have to anticipate that they will try and come back,” one woman told Bryan. “This is a long-term strategy for the oil and gas industry, but what we can do and what Carson City Council is doing is working to pass a zoning ordinance that will essentially ban out all types of extreme, unconventional oil-drilling in Carson.”

Click here to see news report.


January 26, 2015

La Habra Heights (HOW) wants a Fair Fight.

Click here to read article


January 24, 2015

ALERT - La Habra Heights - Measure "A" Sign Thefts

Please take note. If you see this car or anyone removing signs, this is vandalism. Get the license number and if you have a phone with camera take a picture if you have time. You can remain anonymous if you wish, simply send the information to me and I'll see to it getting reported.

Mike Hughes
Heights Oil Watch

A Committee for Measure A


Just was confronted by a +- 28 year old white or middle eastern male black scruffy facial hair driving a beat up scion painted flat black, no front license plate. He said he would pull everyone of the yes signs we put up. He was ranting and irrational.

He said he was a resident of the heights. He proceeded to burn out as he backed up so I couldn't get his license plate.

Anyway he was a kook so if you see anyone that looks like that beware. We do have some scary people in the heights


January 23, 2015

Click here
for more details on the march.


January 22, 2015

WHOW - I did not know that.

What La Habra Heights can Expect from the Oil Companies

After reading you last letter I was moved to respond to the citizens of La Habra Heights. The tactics being employed by the oil companies to defeat Measure "A" are no different then those used against us in Whittier.

In our case Matrix Oil hired the PR firm of Englander, Knabe & Allen. Matt Knabe who is part of the firm is the son of our L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe. They ran commercials, put videos together, ran full page adds in the Whittier Daily News and did phone surveys. If you look on the PR firms website you would get the impression they were successful in their tactics for getting the oil project through. That is not the case. To see what the firm says about the oil project you can go to http://englanderpr.com/case-studies/17-case-studies-1/134-matrix-oil-cityofwhittier-1.html

The oil companies accused us of lying about the project. Yet, those supporting the project claimed it would only be 7 acres in size. Turns out they weren't truthful. The amount of land that was impacted was closer to 40 acres which is the size of 40 football fields. That came out as the fight progressed.

A brochure was developed and distributed to the citizens of the City telling everyone how great an oil project would be. They also developed a 9 minute video that was inaccurate. One of the glaring mistakes was the use of the old Massey car dealership in Downey which was used as an example of car dealerships going out of business in Whittier. Whittier's car dealerships started going out of business in December 2007. This oil project started in October 2006.

They talked about jobs and money that would be generated by this project. First of all the largest percentage of jobs that would be created would be short term. In our case the claim for revenue generated started at $600,000.00 per years and rose 1.5 Billon over the lifetime of the project. All of these numbers are guesstimates. Second, any revenue for Whittier would have to be shared with the other 88 Cities in the County which includes La Habra Heights. Our hills were purchased with Park money which is what Prop "A" is. That means Whittier's contribution was less then one percent. They claimed we would get 167 million a year. The number would be closer to $167,000.00.

A legal way of providing money to our cities for a variety of reasons to include litigations is an escrow account. The oil companies put money into this account and our Cities draw from the account. The money can only be used for items associated with the project at hand. In Whittier an escrow account was set up the has paid for studies, the EIR and a variety of other items to include litigations. These are items associated with the oil project ONLY. You need to be aware of that.

Bankruptcy for Whittier is on the table. This fiasco that our City council has created by getting greedy can still blowup in their face. The City claims the oil companies cannot sue them according to their lease. Except, they forgot one very important point. LOSS OF REVENUE. The oil companies can come back and sue our City for loss of revenue on this project because Whittier never got permission from the L.A. County Board of Supervisors to release the land from Open Space Status. That can be hundreds of millions of dollars. Whittier literally signed an agreement in which there was no land to drill. Through our research we did find out that our City and the oil companies did sign a letter of agreement in February of 2008 which was about six months before the project went to bid. That's a No No. Whittier and the oil companies have lost in court and are now appealing the case.

In summary our projects are tied together. We believe based on comments made by Johnny Jordan President of Matrix Oil that your field would be a hub for the Whittier Main Field Project. Oil would be piped to the old Sempra site from the Whittier field stored and sent out through an existing pipeline. Those comments were made at the meeting at La Habra Heights City Hall in January 2012. This would prevent approximately a little over 2 miles of road being torn up to connect to a pipeline off of Colima Rd and La Mirada Blvd. Resulting in a huge financial savings to the oil companies. Matrix is only about a 5 million dollar a year operation. They own very little so they lease and contract out for services. However, they are partnered with Clayton Williams Energy which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars based out of Texas. I believe they are the financial arm of both of our projects.

Our groups do share a common interest in these projects......Matrix Oil and Clayton Williams Energy and to stop oil drilling in our hills.

Click here for the Englaner, Knabe & Allen website.  Read about what they claim they did for Whittier.


January 22, 2015

 La Habra Heights - Vote YES on Measure "A"

 Photo: La Habra Heights - Vote YES on Measure "A"


January 22, 2015


VICTORY: Faced with the prospect of fracking and oil and gas drilling in their community, La Habra Heights residents successfully fought to ensure that they will not be misled by fossil fuel industry jargon at the ballot box! http://ejus.tc/1tOH83Q

Our attorneys stood up to the oil and gas industry in the Los Angeles Superior Court last month winning two cases that ensure the ballot initiative designed to protect the community from invasive drilling remains transparent. The oil and gas industry repeatedly attempted to change the language on the measure to spin the initiative in its favor, but grassroots activism prevailed.

Click SHARE or LIKE and TELL US >> How are grassroots activists standing up to the oil and gas industry in your community?

Photo: VICTORY: Faced with the prospect of fracking and oil and gas drilling in their community, La Habra Heights residents successfully fought to ensure that they will not be misled by fossil fuel industry jargon at the ballot box! http://ejus.tc/1tOH83Q

Our attorneys stood up to the oil and gas industry in the Los Angeles Superior Court last month winning two cases that ensure the ballot initiative designed to protect the community from invasive drilling remains transparent. The oil and gas industry repeatedly attempted to change the language on the measure to spin the initiative in its favor, but grassroots activism prevailed.

Click SHARE or LIKE and TELL US >> How are grassroots activists standing up to the oil and gas industry in your community?


January 17, 2015

WHOW - I did not know that?

It's our mission at WHOW to keep the public informed on local and National oil issues.

The City of Whittier and councilman Bob Henderson intend to go back and drill in the Whittier Hills July 2015. The City and Oil companies won't accept defeat so the fight continues. We want you and your friends to "LIKE" us on Facebook so everyone can be kept up to date on Whittier's oil project. Join us.


January 17, 2015

WHOW - I did not know that?

The Keystone XL Illusion, Click here to see Article


January 17, 2015

Brea Fracking Update

For the past two days, we received complaints of oil well work right next to homes. We drove out there and have to say we were appalled at what we saw, so we informed the city to please investigate and they are doing so right now.

The oil company is not fracking however, it would have been nice to notify the residents prior to hauling in a huge noisy rig and opening up the ground.

Also, due to falling oil prices these guys are being laid off next month, so don't yell at them.

 Photo: For the past two days, we received complaints of oil well work right next to homes. We drove out there and have to say we were appalled at what we saw, so we informed the city to please investigate and they are doing so right now.

The oil company is not fracking however, it would have been nice to notify the residents prior to hauling in a huge noisy rig and opening up the ground.

Also, due to falling oil prices these guys are being laid off next month, so don't yell at them.


January 17, 2015

Brea Fracking Update

Mark your calendars. The City of Brea has FINALLY agreed to listen to the residents concerns. What a difference a new council makes!

Participate as Matters of the Audience or come and sit in the city chambers to listen.

Place: Brea Civic Center
Time: 7:00PM
When: Tuesday February 17, 2014

If you wish to speak at Matters, you are limited to five minutes. There will be a presentation following Matters which will deal specifically with the oil activity in Brea.

Oil reps will be there, so be sure to voice your concerns!


January 8, 2015


If you live in Whittier, La Habra Heights, Fullerton and Brea should you be concerned? YES.

Do we want this for Whitttier, La Habra Heights, Fullerton and Brea? Whittier's oil project is located 1/4 mile from a fault line. Remember, Fracking has several names, gravel packing and acidizing. Just because they don't use the term FRACKING does not mean that some type of fracking technique may not be used. That is how the oil companies and some of our politicians are getting around the fracking issue by saying we will not FRACK.

Whittier says they won't FRACK. That means absolutely NOTHING. If they are Fracking in Brea and these are the same hills that run through Whittier. What do you think.

Click here for Article -


EARTHQUAKES AND FRACKING - COULD THIS HAPPEN IN WHITTIER? Remember, Fracking has different names.  NBC News tonight runs segment on Earth Quakes and Fracking. 2 mins. a must see. Click here for video.



Clayton Williams Energy which is the major partner of Matrix Oil for the Whittier Oil Project has taken a serious hit on their stock price. Clayton Williams owns 75% of Whittier's Oil Lease.

Their stock value 52 week High/low range went from 146.93 to 49.71. That is a devaluation of approximately 60%. The question is "with the price of oil hovering around $45.00 a barrel (42 gallons) is it no longer an attractive deal for the oil companies?

If Whittier were to change its economy to oil based we very well could be broke right now.

You decide.